Lot 10078

Danish West Indies
Estimate: 200 – 300 USD
Auction date: Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Auction: Transatlantic Mail & Spanish American War
Catalog: Transatlantic Mail

Denmark. 1869 (Mar 8). Cover from Copenhagen to St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, with 1864-70 3sk, 4sk and strip of three 16sk tied by “1” concentric circle cancel, paying 55sk rate by British packet (equivalent to 1s4d), carried via Prussia with “Franco” hs at lower left, London transit with “1s” in red crayon for carriage from Southampton onboard RMSPC SS “Atrato”, with St. Thomas MR 31 69 arrival on reverse, the 3sk and 4sk with defects and slight horiz. filing across stamps; a rare franking, rated R2 by Karsten Jensen (26-100 covers known); cert. Nielsen (2004).

Michel 12A, 13A, 15A