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750 EUR
400 – 600 EUR
Auction date
Wed 16 Jun 2021 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1901 (Sept 7) Commercial envelope (“ANZ & Co”) from Chefoo to Rüdolstadt (Germany), bearing 1898 overprinted 3pf dark ochre-brown and 5pf emerald-green, each tied by “TSCHIFU/DEUTSCHE POST” cds, being underfranked with 8 pfnennige and transferred to the homologous Chinese P.O. in Chefoo, where it was franked by China 1898 10c tied by bilingual corresponding cds, with similar Chinese transit cds of Shanghai on reverse on 11.9, on the same day entering the French P.O. with overprinted 25c (lower right corner defective) tied by “SHANG-HAÏ-CHINE” cds, and arrival on back, minor tone perforations in places; a very rare combination franking in China featuring three different postal administrations; cert. Steuer (2009, “sehr seltene Vorlage”).

Catalogue reference: Michel Mi. 1IIa, 2II