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Estimate: 12’000 – 15’000 EUR
Auction date: Tue 15 Jun 2021 at 13:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Auction: 2021 Spring Auction Series
Catalog: Russia, Soviet Union and Zemstvos
Sold for EUR 10’000

1923-39, Good quality collection on KA-BE pages showing all issues with a range of watermarks, perforations, and printing varieties. Golden Kopeks definitive issues very well represented incl. Litho and Typo printings; Lenin 1924 first printing, Leningrad flood 300R green on pelure paper, good range of postage due stamps without and with overprints; 1927 POCHTOVAYA MARKA surcharges by types and printings; Foreign exchange stamps, Zeppelins 1930 both perforations, 1931 Zeppelins perf. and imperforate sets with 50k error of colour, 1931 imperforate definitive issue, 1931 Polar Bears perf. and imperf. sets, Polar Year 1932, 1933 Overprint Leningrad, 1933 National costumes set, 1934 airmail both sets, 1934 Zeppelins, 1935 Moscow metro, 1935 For peace, 1935 Chelyuskin set, 1935 Spartan Games, Souvenir sheets 1, 2 & 3, 1937 Definitive without wmk, 1938 Crimea. The vast majority hinged, excellent quality and extremely high catalogue value, ex “Nikolai”.