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Egypt » Egyptian Post Offices Abroad » Territorial Offices » Korti (Sudan)
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Mon 14 Jun 2021 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1885 (16.2) Nile Expedition – Soldier’s cover from Korti to Cairo and complete contents, manuscript ‘or any other Officer with 11th Company’ franked Provisional 1884 20 paras on 5 piastres green and 4th Issue 10 paras bluish gray in a vertical pair, all tied by Star and Crescent KORTI / 16 FE 85 datestamp with an additional strike below, backstamped on arrival in Cairo 2 March 85, a rare cover

Provenance: Peter Smith

Rarity: Probably unique mixed franking used at Korti

Note: The letter is addressed to Lieut. Sandbach, it begins on Feb 12, contents – “seven of the 11th Company are with the Nile Column as a boat repairing party…we are now looking after the Dockyard which in reality is a sandbank in the middle of the river…there are 300 boats here…Colonel Todd has gone to Sakdur to put the place in a state of defence. I certainly can’t see at present how we are going to cut ourselves adrift from the boats…not for publication”