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1876-1914 Comprehensive, valuable and extensive collection from the many different Ottoman offices including El-Ula, Jeddah, the unique Konfida, Mecca, Medina, Taif, Tebouk, Yambo etc., plus Hejaz Railway TPO with Demas-Medine etc. Many of the town marking are represented by an array of different types of cancellations including Arabic only circular or boxed hs, negative seals, bilingual barred cancels either circular or octagonal cancels. This being a major part of the award winning collection collection formed by Baron Jakob von Uexkull.

Neatly mounted and written up on 106 album pages showing entire letters, covers, envelope, postal stationery, parcel cards, stamps and fragments with a variety of different postmarks. Showing a variety of different usage incl. printed mater, registered, censored and much more. The highlights are as follows:

– 1876 Registered “AR” cover with Duloz 20pa franking tied “DJEDDAH” double-circle (Uexkull Fig. 14)

– 1876 Unfranked cover from Medine-i-Munevere

– 1880 Incoming unpaid cover franked by 2pi postage due tied superb double boxed “Djidé” in blue

– 1882 Consular letter with full contents, 1883 Jeddah to Bombay via Aden Sea Post Office, 1882-84 Jeddah to Bombay via Aden Sea Post Office paying the double rate, 1880 Office Sanitaire Djeddah negative seal on cover, ex. Schaefer, 1884 Empire 1pi tied Arabic double circle of Medine

– 1886-1915 Jeddah: Djeddah bilingual double circle on various covers and cards some useful destination including Tunisia, Argentina, Sweden and Holland etc., plus a fine array of other cards and covers with various other Jeddah mkgs including DJEDDA, DJEDDA/2, barred double circle, DJIDDE in violet

– 1884-1915 Mecca: Mekkei Mukkerreme Arabic double circle in blue on cover and postal card, Mekkei Mukkerreme bilingual double circle in blue on two covers, plus a fine array of other cards and covers with various other Mecca mkgs including MEKKE barred double circle, MECQUE, MECQUE/1, MECQUE/2, MECQUE/5, MECQUE/6 barred double circle, plus attractive fancy MECCA oval registered ds being one of only two such covers known

– 1902-16 Medine: A fine array cards and covers with various Medine mkgs including MEDINE and MIDINE/4 barred double circle, MEDINE/1 octagonal ds

– 1902 Large registered “AR” cover from Yambo to Tabriz, only known registered cover from Yambo

– 1904 Military mail show manuscript “Mail without stamp” and bearing the unique example of the KONFIDA Arabic double boxed hs

– 1907-1915 El-Ula: Large negative seal on unused and used card, plus EL-ULA barred double in blue and black

– Plus array of other rarities including MECCA GATE BRANCH PO oval negative on fragment, DEMAS-MEDINE/1 and DAMAS-MOUAN/2 Hejaz Railway mkgs

A truly remarkable collection and most likely the most comprehensive and valuable collection of its type ever formed with many extremely rare or unique items

Estimate 200’000 – 400’000 EUR
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