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1837-1881 Pre-stamp covers and the Egyptian Post Office in Jeddah

1837-1881 Pre-stamp covers and the Egyptian Post Office in Jeddah

Comprehensive, valuable and extensive collection from the elusive and most sought after Egyptian Post Office. This being a major part of the award winning collection collection formed by Baron Jakob von Uexkull.

Neatly mounted and written up on 38 album pages showing entire letters, covers, envelope, stamps and fragments with a variety of different postmarks. The highlights are as follows:

– 1837 Folded entire from “Djidda 10 Decembre 1837” to Paris, France, one of only five pre-stamp covers of this period known

– 1841 Folded entire from “Jeddah (Asie) 1er Mai 1841” to Colombier, France, one of only five pre-stamp covers of this period known

– 1857 & 1859 Shipwreck covers from the “S.S. EMEU” New South Wales to London and “S.S. NORTHAM” Victoria to London, both having been stranded off Jeddah

– 1863 Letter from Abd El-Kader, an Algerian scholar and leader who had defended his country against the French, sent from Taif “three stages from Mecca” and dated 15. Safar 1280 (1.10-1863)

– 1866 Unique stampless entire from “GEDDA”, the earliest recorded item from the Egyptian Post Office, dated 25.8.1866

– 1867 The Famous 1866 1pi pair tied “GEDDA” cds, this being the only multiple franking of Egypt’s First Issue

– 1866 1pi two singles, one on fragment with “GEDDA” cds’s, 1866 Incoming redirected cover from Bath, England to the British Consul in Jeddah

– The famous and unique First Issue 2pi & Second Issue 1pi combination franking from “GEDDA”, ex. Hinde and Smith

– 1866-1873 Array of stamps, fragments, covers and cover fronts with different cancels including the very rare Star & Crescent pmk, mostly on the Egyptian 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th issues plus some Interpostals, plus 1873 Stampless cover with rare “SERVICE SANITAIRE DU HEDJAZ DJEDDAH” cachet on reverse

– Unique redirected newspaper wrapper from England to Suez and redirected to Jeddah

– 1874 Third Issue 1pi single in cover and strip of three on part cover, 1874 Third Issue 2pi pair and 5pi on registered incoming cover from Suez to Jeddah

– 1875 Large part cover front franked Third Issue 2pi bisect, ex. Ferrari, Danson, Kaczmarczyk, plus 1875 1pi single & bisect used on fragment

– 1875 Third Issue 1pi and 2pi, on redirected cover from Jeddah to Bandar Abbas and on to Bombay, apparently a unique franking (Illustrated in “The Early Postal History of Saudi Arabia” page 14)

– 1876 Cover from Calcutta to Gedda, redirected to Cairo, Egypt with unique usage of the “2” due mkg used from Jeddah

– 1878 Unpaid stampless with contents

– The Famous Turkish Duloz 1pi pair, one bisected and tied by “GEDDA” cds, a unique usage with original contents

– 1879 Registered envelope to Cognac, France, franked Third Issue 2pi tied “GEDDA” cds, with attractive and fancy Jeddah company cachet, a unique usage

– 1878 Ship letter from Jedda to Alexandria

– 1878 Incoming Telegram from Suez to Jeddah, 1879 Forth Issue 20pa pair used from GEDDA to France, 1879 Incoming consular mail from the Italian Consulate in ALexandria with GEDDA arrival bs, 1880 Large cover from “DJEDDAH” via Suez and franked 2pi addressed to Cospoli, 1880 stampless envelope from “GEDDA” to Devon with unique boxed “T” tax mkg, 1880 Envelope with contents to Persia franked 1879 1pi three singles tied “DJEDDAH” cds, 1881 Incoming envelope to Gedda, posted on board Suez-Jeddah steamer franked 1pi tied DJEDDAH cds, 1879 Egypr 1pi rose two examples with “Djide” boxed Arabic cancels in blue, 1879 Egypt 1pi rose tied Ottoman double circle bilingual DJEDDAH cds

– Collection 204 stamps and fragments with array of different cancel type

– Collection of 119 Interpostal seals showing both red (11) and grey-blue (108) types, the later with an extensive study of the different dies & positions

A truly remarkable collection and most likely the most comprehensive and valuable collection of its type ever formed

Estimate 300’000 – 600’000 EUR
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