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1890-91 1 1/2 Bani lilac rose PRINTED BOTH SIDES – ONE OF ONLY TWO RECORDED


1890-91 1 1/2 Bani lilac rose, perforated 13 1/2, used showing PRINTED BOTH SIDES variety, cancelled by BUCURESTI/6.FEVR.92 cds, very fine and extremely rare, one of two known the other used on the same day, cert. Gmach BPP

Note: The variety is mentioned in the Dragomir handbook of 1974 as being perf. 11 1/2, the mistake was made as he never examined the original stamp. In his handbook he valued the stamp at a coefficent of 800, being the highest price for any item of this issue. The Michel catalogue mentions this stamp without price due to it’s rarity

83 DG

Document Translation:

Ispravnicia (administration) of the Botosani County

Numbered: “105”

To his lordship the captain of the Botosani Post

In order to transport the sumci (the bags with letters and money) of the local treasury from here to the State Treasury on the basis of report No. 1797 of the Ispravnicie, I write to you that tomorrow morning you must send to the headquarters of the Ispravnicie three coaches with four horses each and the necessary coachmen. The payment for the progon (coaches, horses, coachmen) will be the responsibility of the Treasury.

(signature) M. Branisianu, cupbearer

No. 1799, 1840 March 18

(seal) Ispravnicia of the Botosani County. Principality of Moldavia, 1834

Estimate 500 – 700 EUR
Auction date Wed 5 Jun 2019 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 600

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