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1846 Austrian Offices in Galatz

GALATZ: 1846 (8.10) Folded entire to Genoa, Italy, bearing blue straight-line “GALLATZ 8.OCT.” ds of the Austrian Post, with clear blue double oval Cyrillic cachet inscribed “SAU KURATIT LA KAPITANIA PORTULUI GALATZ” alongside, and disinfected at harbor master/Galatz), also showing Andrew’s Cross indicating the pre-paid nature of the cover, as well as a red “P.D.”. On entering Austrian territory, it was disinfected at the lazzaret of Boian and on reverse the cover bears a “RN 85” (Rauchen Nummer 85”) manuscript notation in black ink, indicating the 85th in a series of disinfections made that year, together with a black “Genoa 17Oct.” arrival postmark, usual Rastel holes indicating the disinfection (Dragomir type K44 – 8R; see #158 on page 58), very fine and scarce, rare combination of one quarantine Galatz negative seal + two Austrian Post(departure and arrival) stamps + PD & RD notations
Estimate 600 – 800 EUR
Auction date Wed 5 Jun 2019 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 1300

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