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1842 (29.3) Postal order (Inam): Decorative, pre-printed

1842 (29.3) Postal order (Inam): Decorative, pre-printed form requesting Casa Postelor (Post House) to make four horses and a coach available to Mr. Sames of the of county (Sames: archaic for an employee tasked with collecting the taxes). It bears a large, ornate octagonal seal showing Moldavian coat of arms – very fine, attractive and scarce. Atop of the document the manuscript word “Botushani”

Note: full translation of the document may be viewed on line.

Document translation:

Botoshani (manuscript)


The post house shall release a coach with four horses and the necessary horsemen for the travelling of Mr. sames of this district (illegible writing) for picking of the sami (bookkeeping tables of payments) and taking them to the Director of the Treasury with the payment on the account of the Treasury.

No. 60 (red, square stamp with the Moldavian coat of arms))

1842 March 29 (signature)

113 (manuscript)

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