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1882-1921 An extraordinary original archival holding

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1882-1921 An extraordinary original archival holding of 10s of 1000s of mostly mint/unused stamps, with the majority in complete sets in full sheet format. This important yet until now undocumented hoard came to us in a very chaotic state and we have undertaken some organisation. The key sections are the 1882 ‘suns’ including the 1882 10ch pink and rose(Scott #51) and 5ch green (#53) in panes of 100 and over 100 examples of the scarce engraved 25ch green (#52), as well as the ‘officiel’ surcharges with 1885 6ch on 5ch green (#66) in mint block of 20 and block of 10 and the 1887 3ch on 5ch in mint block of 25 – perhaps the basic stamps are reprints yet all the surcharges here in our opinion were made with the original handstamps. Then the five values of the 1902 ‘provisoire 1319’ handstamps on ‘CHAHI’ issues (#235/239) in full sheets of 24, similarly the 1902 red lion overprints on type I to 1k (#247/253) and type II to 12ch inc. 3ch green and yellow(#280/285) in full sheets, as well as further positional studies of the 5ch type II with major constant varieties identified, followed by sheets of the 5 krans surcharge on 5k ochre and blue with sequential sheet numbers (#308), the ‘P.L.TEHERAN’ local provisionals with black and red o/ps (#315a, 317/318), blue octagonal lion overprints complete (#321/340) and much more through to the 1921 ’21.FEV.1921’ overprints on coronation issues. The initial catalogue here is well over $3,000,000 and while there will be reprints as to be expected, nevertheless you will be very unlikely to find such an original accumulation again. A wonderful holding, do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (1000’s)
Estimate 7’000 – 10’000 EUR
Auction date Thu 6 Jun 2019 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 6’500