Lot 10178 – Olympics » 1912 Stockholm

1912 Stockholm group of cancellations on covers/cards

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1912 Stockholm group of cancellations on covers/cards with Olympic roller cancel during the Games incl. 9.5.12 (5th day of the Tennis), 10.5.12 (6th day of the Tennis), 19.6.12, 22.6.12, 3.7.12 (5th day, missing stamp), 6.7.12 (8th day), 10.7.12 (2, 12th day), 12.7.12 (14th day), 15.7.12 (17th day), 16.7.12 (18th day), 20.7.12 (3, 22nd day) and 22.7.12 (Closing Ceremony), plus Olympic postcards with non-Olympic Stockholm cancels on 7.7.12, 11.7.12 (3), 12.7.12 and 19.7.12 (2), for the specialist, a useful foundation for a collection on this Games (22)

Estimate 400 – 600 EUR
Auction date Tue 4 Jun 2019 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)

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