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1849-1990, Large collection starting with German States

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1849-1990, Large collection starting with German States incl. Brunswick Yv.11a used, Hanover Yv.8 used, etc., a cover and some mint blocks, etc., then Germany incl. Yv.26* pair signed, Yv.11 used, 24-29 * and used plus 24a used, Yv.64 * and 64×2 used, 358**, 379-89**, 401-414**, 441-61**, 469-78**, PA 42** signed, PA 42A-42C** signed, etc., also min.sheets Yv.1 used, 2** and used, then Bundespost incl. Yv.22-24** as well as all the better values from the beginning,then Berlin complete with Yv.1-18 red surcharge **, 21-27**, etc., also with various varieties such as double overprint, misperf., shades, etc., a magnificent collection with a very often the sets in mint nh and used in good quality and often signed

Estimate 14’000 – 20’000 EUR
Auction date Thu 6 Jun 2019 at 15:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 7000

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