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The Cape Triangulars 1853-1864 An outstanding old-time ollection of these famous stamps

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The Cape Triangulars

1853-1864 An outstanding old-time collection of these famous stamps showing an almost complete collection of all these popular issues in either mostly used condition, mounted on 48 album pages, mixed condition, but some very fine to superb.

A details descriptions of the collections as follows:

– 1853-1863 Perkins Bacon (SG 1-8): 1d red, 4d blue, 6d lilac and 1s green, showing examples of almost all the different shades, plus unofficially rouletted 4d blue used on fragment and 6d lilac used, some multiples, mostly pairs and 4d unused and used multiples including pairs, blocks and strips (234)

– 1861 The “Woodblocks” Provisional Printings (SG 13-14): Attractive array of these rare and popular issues, including most of the recorded shades with 1d vermilion and 1d carmine, plus 4d pale milky blue, pale bright blue, pale greyish blue and deep bright blue, all used, in addition the rare 4d with retouched right-hand corner, plus a very defective but extremely rare 4d vermilion error of colour (18)

1863-1864 De La Rue (SG 18-21): 1d red, 4d blue, 6d bright mauve and 1s green, showing examples of many different shades, a few unused, but mostly used (57)

A wonderful collection and excellent basis for study, various items with certs. from RPS, BPA, Brandon (SG £157’000+)

Estimate 12’000 – 20’000 GBP
Auction date Fri 7 Jun 2019 at 15:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for GBP 12’000