2019 June Summer Auction Series – 4/6/2019 – 7/6/2019

272 lots
Lot 50468
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika » Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
1903-04 1/2a De La Rue Appendix Sheet (which has been broken up) with 8 imperf. colour trials affixed on individual pieces of quadrile paper with ms notations…
Estimate: 800 – 1’200 GBP
Lot 50469
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika » Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
1903-04 2a De La Rue die proof of the frame in black on glazed card (92x60mm), dated “22 APR 03”, very fine, ex Baillie
Estimate: 240 – 300 GBP
Lot 50506
1847 Post Office 1d and 2d, the 1912 reprints taken from the original plate showing the arrangement of both values on the one piece of copper, impressions…
Estimate: 400 – 500 GBP
Lot 50533
New Zealand
1926 Admiral die proof in black with black surround with uncleared value tablets on white wove paper numbered “206527” at upper right, very fine, cert….
Estimate: 500 – 700 GBP
Lot 50550
1895 Master die proof of the British Central Africa central vignette in black on white card, 89mm x 114mm, as used for the 1895 high values, an outstanding…
Estimate: 1’000 – 1’600 GBP
Lot 50555
1892-93 1d to £10 set of 11 imperf. Plate Proofs, most without gum (some traces and the £5 has large part og), very fine, very rare in this condition,…
Estimate: 2’000 – 3’000 GBP
Lot 50583
Rhodesia and Nyasaland
1954-62, Collection incl. 1954-56 imperf. plate proofs with punch hole to 6d, mint nh set plus coil strips, and “POSTAGE DUE” hs in violet on 1d mint nh…
Estimate: 300 – 400 GBP
Lot 50641
1886-88 King George VI 6d die proof in red on thick unglazed card, 55x73mm, fine and scarce
Estimate: 200 – 300 GBP
Lot 50647
1897 Issue group of four proofs on carton paper with SPECIMEN ovpts incl. imperf. 6d in brown, imperf. 2s6d pair in deep purple, imperf. 5s, and perforated…
Estimate: 100 – 150 GBP
Lot 51195
Ireland » Collections
1922-1987 Attractive and valuable collection of mostly mint, neatly mounted and presented on Lighthouse album pages, showing strength in Dollar proofs…
Estimate: 3’000 – 4’000 GBP
Lot 60049
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
Morocco Agencies & British Post Offices: 1886-1956 Attractive collection in large red ring binder showing a good deal of completion, some useful stamps…
Estimate: 2’000 – 3’000 EUR
Lot 60050
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
German Post Offices: 1898-1912 Attractive collection in large green ring binder showing good deal of completion, with mint, used, minor varieties and Specimen…
Estimate: 2’000 – 3’000 EUR
Lot 60051
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
Spanish Post Offices: 1872-1955 Attractive, specialised assembly mounted in four Linder albums from early postal history to later issues with complete…
Estimate: 3’000 – 4’000 EUR
Lot 60052
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
Morocco Chérifiennes Posts: 1892 Extensive accumulation of covers and fragments in one large brown stockbook, showing both octagonal and circular cachets…
Estimate: 4’000 – 5’000 EUR
Lot 60053
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
Local Posts: 1892-1907 Attractive and valuable collection neatly presented in three packed blue Linder albums, showing a good deal of completion with all…
Estimate: 8’000 – 12’000 EUR
Lot 60054
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
French Mandate & Kingdom Period: 1755-1980 Extensive, specialised and valuable collection neatly mounted and presented in sixteen Lindner or other albums,…
Estimate: 10’000 – 15’000 EUR
Lot 60056
Colonies Francaise » TAAF
1948-1990, Fabuleuse collection comprenant :-une collection de timbres neuf dont Albatros-une collection de timbres oblitérés dont Albatros-une collection…
Estimate: 4’000 – 8’000 EUR
Lot 60058
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1936 Berlin IMPERFORATE mini sheet (Mi. Block no.5) proof, showing the 4pf+3 cliché shifted downwards, ungummed, very fine and extremely rare, cert. Schlegel…
Estimate: 7’000 – 8’000 EUR
Lot 60059
Olympics » 1936 Berlin » Stamps
1936 Berlin IMPERFORATE min. sheet (Mi. Block no.5) proof cancelled by favour with the Olympic Bell “Fahrbares Postamt” cds, likely presented to a VIP/dignitary,…
Estimate: 8’000 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 60060
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1936 Berlin mini sheets (Mi. Block no.5 & no.6) from the archives of the Reichsdruckerei with hs at lower right “Dept. I. Specimen Collection” and ms number…
Estimate: 1’200 – 1’500 EUR
Lot 60062
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1933/45 Third Reich
1936 Berlin IMPERFORATE mini sheet (Mi. Block no.6) salvaged from the archives of the Reichsdruckerei, mint nh, soiled but as to be expected given the…
Estimate: 4’000 – 5’000 EUR
Lot 60070
Indian States » Indian States Collections and Lots
Awarding winning collection of Barwani neatly mounted and superbly presented on 131 albums pages:History of Barwani – The Indian state of Barwani had a…
Estimate: 200’000 – 250’000 EUR