2019 June Summer Auction Series – 4/6/2019 – 7/6/2019

13 lots
Lot 42462
Italian States » Naples
1858 5gr Rose Carmine, plate II, horizontal pair with marginal line of plate at top and showing marginal ornaments of watermark, on cover from Napoli (22…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR
Lot 42463
Italian States » Naples
1858 Issue: Selection of used on 3 small stockcards, noted red cancels and 1 strip of 3 on fragment, mostly very fine group, (Sassone € 3’000+)
Estimate: 160 EUR
Lot 42465
Italian States » Naples
1861 1/2gr Bistre Brown, nearly the full brown colour, as rare single franking tied by Napoli cds (22 AGO 62) to complete printed circular to Cesena (bs…
Estimate: 1’200 EUR
Lot 42466
Italian States » Naples
1861 1gr Black, strip of 5 plus single tied by Monteleone cds (22 AGO 1861) to folded letter to Napoli, good to huge margins (esp. the single), magnificent…
Estimate: 3’800 EUR
Lot 42469
Italian States » Naples
ITALIAN STATES – NEAPOLITAN PROVINCES – Rare Use of Bourbonic Cancel 1861 2gr Light Blue (Sass. 20) tied to folded letter from Venafro by rare Bourbonic…
Estimate: 2’400 EUR
Lot 42470
Italian States » Naples
1861 20gr Orange Yellow, mint block of 4 with top right stamp showing embossed head shifted strongly downward, full o.g. and quite fresh, top left stamp…
Estimate: 220 EUR
Lot 42471
Italian States » Naples
1861-62 Neapolitan Province POSTAL FORGERY 10Gr bistre tied by NAPOLI 25 GEN 62 on folded cover to Paris, reverse bears clear PARIS 29 JANV, 62 arrival…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR
Lot 42472
Italian States » Naples
UNDATED DATESTAMP – ONE OF TWO KNOWN 1861 2gr Blue on cover from Napoli to Popoli (Pescara), showing red “Partenza da Napoli” completely without dateslugs…
Estimate: 3’000 EUR
Lot 42475
Italian States » Naples
FORGERIES: Specialist’s reference collection written-up in an album, with 150 stamps, presented denomination by denomination with many good-looking types…
Estimate: 500 – 700 EUR
Lot 42476
Italian States » Naples
1858-61, Attractive mint & used collection in hingeless Ambassador album showing both Naples and Neapolitan Provinces periods, (both Grana and Cents denominations),…
Estimate: 400 – 700 EUR
Lot 60071
Italian States » Naples
1859 1gr Carmine, plate II, vert. strip of four with immense margins all around and unframed linear “ASSICURATA” cancels (uncommon use from a town other…
Estimate: 12’000 – 16’000 EUR
Lot 60073
Italian States » Naples
1860 Trinacria 1/2t Blue, full margins on all sides, tied to lottery circular (to be held in Jan. 1861) from Napoli (trace of address label under part…
Estimate: 6’500 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 60074
Italian States » Naples
1860 Savoy Cross 1/2t Blue, fresh and with very large margins, tied to circular sent from Naples (red 13 DIC. 1860 cds on reverse), addressed to Soveria…
Estimate: 10’000 – 14’000 EUR