2019 June Summer Auction Series – 4/6/2019 – 7/6/2019

5 lots
Lot 50287A
British Guiana
1850-51 “Cottonreel” 4c lemon yellow, cut round just about clear of the frameline, initialled by the Postmaster and with Demerara cds, repaired, a rare…
Estimate: 6’000 – 8’000 GBP
Lot 50287B
British Guiana
1850-51 “Cottonreel” 12c indigo, cut round with frameline cut into, Demerara cds, torn and thinned, a rare stamp, cert. Brandon (2009) (SG £13’000)
Estimate: 2’000 – 3’000 GBP
Lot 50287C
British Guiana
1856 4c Magenta, with large to huge margins, initialled and ued with light cds, repaired, a rare stamp, cert. Roumet (2013) (SG £25’000)
Estimate: 4’000 – 6’000 GBP
Lot 50288
British Guiana
1860-1966 Old-time collection on seven large hand-drawn album pages showing a good deal of completion, mostly mint or unused including some UPU Specimen…
Estimate: 500 – 800 GBP
Lot 50289
British Guiana
1886-1952 Postal Stationery: Collection of the UPU unused stationery many with SPECIMEN overprints from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II, showing postal…
Estimate: 300 – 400 GBP