Lot 32000 – All World: 1575-1990ca. “Lisbon Through The Centuries”,

Lot 32000 – All World: 1575-1990ca. “Lisbon Through The Centuries”,
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Price realised
6’000 EUR
6’000 – 8’000 EUR
Auction date
Wed 7 Dec 2022 at 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

All World: 1575-1990ca. “Lisbon Through The Centuries”, topical collection with historical focus and postal history references on 143 pages. Includes 1910 Bradbury Wilkinson sunken artists drawing of a 65r “Triumphal August Arch” design, 1910 S. Thome e Principe Manuell II collective proof, 1925 St. Jeronimo Eremitage 40c sunken die proof, 1926 King Alfonso Henriques border proofs, 1940 Joao IV center proofs (punched), 1940 discovery monument s/s print on cardboard with only five out of eight stamps printed, 1948 St. John de Brito proof signed by engraver and many more proofs/trials. A May 1575 folded letter signed by King Sebastian is most prominent among covers/stationery. Also 1810 entire letters “No. 6/Armee d’Espagne”, “Bau./Gal. / Arm. de Portugal” (2), 1915 “Expedicao Sol d’Angola..” military mail card and many more. Additionally five large stockbooks “Dossiers” with extra exhibition material, research, resources. Opportunity for the amateur of Portugal, a labour of love, recommended.

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