Lot 51011
Ascension » King George VI
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Price realised
300 – 500 GBP
Auction date
Thu 16 Dec 2021 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1938-53 Specialised group incl. 1 1/2d black & vermilion perf.13 and 1 1/2d rose-carmine perf.13 showing varieties in matching mint n.h. top left corner marginal blocks of 15, the vermilion block showing “Davit flaw” and rose-carmine showing both “Davit flaw” and “cut mast and railings” (SG 500+); 1/2d black & bluish violet perf.13 mint n.h. complete sheet of 60 from 1953 printing (showing variety “long centre bar to E” on R/23 and re-entry R2/2) and 2d black & orange-red perf.13 complete sheet of 60 showing early state of the central vignette before the “mountaineer flaw” appeared; 1d green & black perf.13 1/2 mint n.h. lower marginal block of four with De La Rue printer’s imprint, some faint gum toning, fine (SG £180+); 1s black & sepia perf. 13 1/2 showing variety “re-entered right frame” on pos.R6/4, in mint right marginal block of 9, very fine (SG £198 as normal single stamps); and 1/2d black & bluish violet showing variety “torpedo flaw” in mint n.h. right marginal strip of three, small paper impurity on reverse at top of variety, very fine (SG £150+), 1 1/2d black & rose-carmine perf.13 variety “Davit flaw” on top left stamp of mint n.h. lower left corner marginal block of 12 (SG £150+), a great lot for the specialist (S.G. £1’300+).

Catalogue reference: S.G. 38b, 40ba, 40fa, 40fb, 41a