Lot 41035
Large Lots and Collections
Price realised
9’500 EUR
2’000 – 3’000 EUR
Auction date
Wed 15 Dec 2021 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Zanzibar: 1895-1964, Mint & used collection in a stockbook and an album of stationery/covers, with stockbook with mint and some specimen sets from 1895-96 onwards incl. 2 1/2d surcharges with several RPS certificates, seemingly complete mint from 1896-1964 incl. 1908-09 set with 20R marginal cert. BPA, then used pretty complete but missing the Rupee high values, incl. 1a double ovpt, plus 1908-09 imperf. mint set and 1913 imperf. proof set; and the album of unused postal stationery with a comprehensive selection of registered envelopes, postal stationery, postcards, newspaper wrappers, many Specimens), 1947 UPU Congress folder with 1936 set and 35 covers and FDCs from 1936 onwards, a fantastic lot and great for a foundation for a more specialised collection.