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440 EUR
400 – 600 EUR
Auction date
Wed 15 Dec 2021 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Thematics – Olympics: 1896-1990s, Box of miscellaneous Olympics stamps, covers, cancellations, postcards and vignettes, the bulk made up of modern material but with some better items and groups, incl. 1896 2D (faulty) & 5D mint, grou pof Czech Olympic Committee fundraising pc’s and 1937 Military Games cards, Latvia 1938 Sports set on cover, Latvia “Aux Jeux Olympiques 1940 via la Lettonie” code A slogan machine franks (2), printed illustrated cover of Latvia with scarce “DER WEG ZUR XII. OLYMPIADE NUR UBER DIE BALTISCHEN STAATEN” label on reverse, 1948 London (incl. Paris Conference presentation card) & St. Moritz, 1952 Helsinki, scarcer vignettes incl. 1913 Deutches Stadion (6), 1936 Yugoslavian footballers (4), etc., an interesting assortment and ideal for a new collector to sort through or a dealer to break down on the internet.