Lot 40993
Large Lots and Collections
Price realised
7’000 EUR
4’000 – 6’000 EUR
Auction date
Wed 15 Dec 2021 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Saudi Arabia: 1925-1980 Attractive and clean collection of mint and mint nh neatly presented in three green hingeless Lighthouse albums, plus additional blue album showing a great deal of completion, starting with the 1934 Heir Apparent set both perforated and imperforate (SG £6’000), plus a fine array of papers and shades included, other important items present are some varieties with double impressions, imperforates, 1945 King Saud meet King Farouk set of four in complete mint sheetlets of 25, 1960-61 Oil & Gas, Dam & Airmails all in complete sets, plus many values in imperf. pairs, 1964 Officials complete set of 27 plus shades, plus later sets and part sets of Oil & Gas, Dam & Airmails, 1976-81 specialised array of Kaaba and Oil Rig, a wonderful clean lot with an excellent basis for study and expansion (SG 2009, £31’000+)