Lot 40680
Germany » Germany Collections and Large Lots
Price realised
1’800 EUR
700 – 1’300 EUR
Auction date
Wed 11 Dec 2019 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

1920-1950, Two albums containing lots of the Provisional sets and issues from this period incl. min.sheet Yv.3 and 3a mint from Thuringen, Soviet Zone, German Bizone incl. min.sheet Yv.1 mint, first issues of Berlin incl. min.sheet Yv.1 mint, town surcharge sets, Goethe min.sheet from Sarre, etc.. then an album mint nh incl. Allied Occupation zone with min.sheet Yv.1 and 1a mint nh, etc., then Germany Bizone with min.sheet Yv. 1 mint nh, the two types of Surcharged sets, French Occupation sets incl. min.sheets, a good selection of Sarre with min.sheets Yv.1 & 2 mint nh, the Provisional Issues and Soviet Zone, a good lot for further expansion