Lot 40631
Faroe Islands
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Price realised
1’000 EUR
1’000 – 1’500 EUR
Auction date
Wed 11 Dec 2019 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

1919-80 Specialised CANCELLATIONS collection in on large stockbook and three folders, highlights including AFA 1 (2 ø on 5 ø) on 3 øre post. stat. pmked ‘Viborg’; 1A (halved 4 ø + 5 ø) on cover pmkd ‘Skaale’ w/ certif.; 1B (halved 4 ø cutout) ‘Solmundefjord’; 2A-6A censored cover; 2B on cover pmkd ‘Sand’; 8, 9 and 10 (Franco Betalt) covers, 2 w/ cert., also Faroese pmks on Denmark including numeral ‘238’ on 16 sk AFA 15; starless ‘Kollefjord’ on cover; ‘Solmundefjord’ star type 1; ‘Trangisvaag 1899’ sans serif cds on 8 øre postal stat. cutout (w/ certif.); ‘Vaag’ star on piece with ‘Trangisvaag’ sidemark, covers and cards with ‘Sandevaag’ star cancel on 2/5 øre + 5 øre on cover w/ ‘Thorshavn’ sidemark (w/ certif.); ‘Selletræ’ star cancel on cover w/ ‘Thorshavn’ sidemark, a great lot