2019 December Auctions – 9/12/2019 – 13/12/2019

11 lots
Lot 41005
Italian States » Tuscany
1851 2cr Dark Blue on greyish, large to immense margins on all sides, tied to folded letter to Florence by the rare mute 11-bar oval cancel of Scarperia…
Estimate: 3’000 EUR
Lot 41006
Italian States » Tuscany
1851 2cr Blue on greyish, block of 10 (the second largest known) with margins all around, tied to cover from Bagno (2 DIC 1854) to Rocca San Casciano,…
Estimate: 20’000 EUR
Lot 41007
Italian States » Tuscany
1851 4cr Green on grey, large margins all around, cancelled by the very rare P.D. postmark of Pescia, despatch cds 5 OTT 1854 alongside, very fine and…
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 41008
Italian States » Tuscany
1853 (Nov 23) Entire from Livorno to Switzerland underpaid with two 1851-52 1c carmine, slightly overlapping with good margins as far as one can see, incorrectly…
Estimate: 1’200 EUR
Lot 41009
Italian States » Tuscany
1859 (Jun 6) Entire from Florence to the UK with 1857 6c vertical pair (mixed margins) tied by Firenze hooded cds, with AMB LINE A transit, London and…
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 41010
Italian States » Tuscany
1860 1c Violet-brown, tied by manuscript “Insufficiente” on cover to Empoli, unusual
Estimate: 700 EUR
Lot 41011
Italian States » Tuscany
UNIQUE EXAMPLE OF THE “POSTA MILITARE SARDA N.1” POSTMARK on TUSCANY1860 10c Brown tied by exceptional POSTA MILITARA SARDA N.1 cds on folded cover from…
Estimate: 7’000 EUR
Lot 41012
Italian States » Tuscany
1860 10c Dark brown tied by S. SOFIA 26 AUG 1860 cds in red on folded cover to Rossa S. Casciano and redirected to S. Pietro, very fine and scarce cancel…
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 41013
Italian States » Tuscany
1860 20c Blue in mixed franking with Sardinia 1861 10c grey-bistre tied by SIENA 14 MAR 1861 cds on triple rate folded cover to Montepulciano, fine and…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR
Lot 41014
Italian States » Tuscany
1860 20c Grey-blue tied by rare banderole SIENA 25.7.1861 cancel on small envelope to Milan, cert. Colla (P12)
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 41015
Italian States » Tuscany
1860 40c Scarlet-Carmine in mixed franking with Sardinia 1855 20c blue tied by LIVORNO 18 NOV 61 cds on double rate folded cover to Genova, fine and rare,…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR