2019 December Auctions – 9/12/2019 – 13/12/2019

9 lots
Lot 40008
1843 Bull’s Eyes 30R, 60R and 90R black, good to large margins apart from the 60R which is slightly touched, the 30R and the 90R with cert. Holcombe
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 40009
THE EARLIEST OF ONLY FOUR RECORDED BULL’S EYE COVERS SENT TO A FOREIGN DESTINATION1843 (Nov 10) Entire from Santo Amaro to Portugal franked on the reverse…
Estimate: 70’000 EUR
Lot 40010
1850-66 60r Black together with pair of 1866 20r lilac centrally cancelled by violet TURVO oval pmk and tied by block mute pmks on folded cover to Rio,…
Estimate: 360 EUR
Lot 40011
1850-66 60r Black tied by neat double-circle VILLA DE AREIAS with ms 31 / 18-55 / 5 on folded entire to Rio de Janeiro, very fine
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 40012
1866 100r Green and 200r black tied by oval ARRAIAL DA CONCEICAO on reverse of registered folded cover to Rio de Janeiro, fine
Estimate: 280 EUR
Lot 40013
1896 Postal stationery registered question card 40R + 20R pair + 200R additional franking bearing S.PAOLO 29.5.96 cds to Bulgaria, arrival marking at front,…
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 40014
Principality of Trinidad Local Post: 1894 5c die proof in blue on white coated paper, with inscription “Principality of Trinidad” in English instead…
Estimate: 800 EUR
Lot 40015
1820-1908, Group of 11 covers incl. Yv. 13 and 15, Yv.71 (x2) on registered cover to France, etc.
Estimate: 340 – 400 EUR
Lot 40016
1873-1961, Extensive mint & used collection in a well-filled Schaubek album, with classics incl. 1843 Bull’s Eyes 30r, 60r and 90r used, 1844-46 to 90r,…
Estimate: 3’500 – 4’000 EUR