Lot 30318 – Australia » New South Wales

1840-80, Specialised collection in 2 large albums with Sydney Views, Diadems specilaising in retouches, etc.

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1840-80, Specialised collection in 2 large albums; the first with starting with 5 pre-stamp covers, a range of Sydney Views, many plated, the 1d pl.1 with five singles (one cleaned cert. RPS) on soft yellowish and a pair on bluish, 1d pl.2 with 12 examples on different papers, 2d with 17 examples from the different plates incl. pl.2 apparently unused, 3d with 11 examples plus one on cover to UK, the Views mostly four-margined and in above average condition, then GB incoming cover with four 1841 2d blues, Laureated issue with 1d apparently unused, 12 used examples in different shades and papers plus a page with the “WALE”, no leaves and 2 leaves varieties (margins mixed), 2d with 24 singles (incl. WALES partly covered variety) and a pair plus 2 covers, 3d selection more mixed condition with 8 singles and a pair, three 8d, eleven 6d incl. WALLS variety plus. pl.2 sheet reprint, Diadems with 5d imperf. used and apparently unused, shades throughout for imperf and perf., Registered with shades, wmks, double frame, QLD cancels, Diadem 1d with reprinted die proof with void duty in red and plate proofs in black & vermilion, etc., then second album which starts a specialised collection of retouches on the 2d beginning with a display page of six major retouches of which two have been used as illustrations in the SG catalogue, then with 46 examples of re-touches, all plated and written up incl. examples before the retouch, 2d litho, 2d litho retouched (cert. RPS ex Hutson), litho pair on OHMS cover, 2d perf. with a display page of 4 major retouches (again one which is used in the SG catalogue), 1871 imperf. specimen, a variety of impressions and shades throughout, some later issues too, a fabulous collection for the specialist and a lifetime’s work

Estimate 12’000 – 18’000 GBP
Auction date Tue 4 Dec 2018 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for GBP 10’000