4 lots
Lot 51031
Austria » Austria Collections and Lots
1854-1965 Lot of mostly fiscals + various vignettes, MNH, hinged, unused or mostly used, noted some blocks of four and never hinged fiscals
Estimate: 100 – 200 EUR
Lot 51287
Italian States » Lombardy Venetia
1864-65 Issue – Specialized group of 2so and 3so MNH blks of 4 of the 1887 reprint showing 2so blk with inverted watermark, also 3so blk of 4 with horizontal…
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 51950
Collections and Lots All World
1875-1980s, Mostly used collection in 17 albums and loose incl. USA with some classics incl. 1861-66 24c and Trans-Mississippi 50c, Poland, later GB, South…
Estimate: 400 – 600 EUR
Lot 53302
1920 5m brown-red ovptd “Commemoration of Syrian Independence, 8 March 1920” in Arabic tied by bilingual Damas 08.03.1910 violet cds together with not…
Estimate: 300 EUR