3 lots
Lot 51698
Russia » Postal Stationery
1878 4k green Postal stationery card 1875 issue used with SPB cds to Egypt showing at back inscription error: U ravlenie instead Upravlenie, rare
Estimate: 1’000 EUR
Lot 51699
Russia » Postal Stationery
1909 3k red postal stationery card with advertising imprints at front and back: ‘Ivan Durdin’, ‘Gilzovaya fabrika Lebed’, ‘tobak Semenova’, etc., used…
Estimate: 250 EUR
Lot 51700
Russia » Postal Stationery
1923-1927 POSTAL STATIONERY: Group of complete sets of 1st definitive issue (workers) stationery cards & envelopes, also noted 1924 Lenin post.stat.card,…
Estimate: 800 EUR