3 lots
Lot 53369
1859-62 Coarse Impression 2r rose-red, HORIZONTAL STRIP OF SEVEN tied by ‘LA GUAIRA/JUL.22’ double-circle ds in blue-green, on 1861 entire to Hamburg,…
Estimate: 30’000 – 40’000 EUR
Lot 53370
1873 Coat-of-Arms 1/2r pale rose tied by CORREOS LA GUAIRA in mixed franking with France Laureated Empire 80c rose tied by lozenge Anchor on folded cover…
Estimate: 3’600 EUR
Lot 53371
1899 MARITIME MAIL: Postal stationery card 10C + additional franking 5C bearing oval AMSTERDAM-W.INDIES NEDERL.PAKETBOOT 7.12.99 ds to Hamburg
Estimate: 200 EUR