5 lots
Lot 51759
Tannu Tuva
1933 15 on 6k yellow-orange & 35 on 15k brown-yellow, mint h, very fine, rare, signed Calves (2)
Estimate: 240 EUR
Lot 51760
Tannu Tuva
1933 Fiscals with surcharge 15K (corner perf missing and 1 crease) and 35K, with large numerals, used, the 35K a very scarce adhesive, Mi € 4600 for the…
Estimate: 600 EUR
Lot 51761
Tannu Tuva
1935-1937 Two large size registered philatelic covers to Paris & Luzern, from ‘Turan’ and ‘Kizil’, posted as usual from Moskva, both with arrival marking
Estimate: 80 EUR
Lot 51762
Tannu Tuva
1935 Landscapes 15k oliv left margin example with variety: left side partially IMPERFORATE due to paper fold, mint hinged, rare
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 51763
Tannu Tuva
1926-1941, Collection on 33 album pages, mostly mint hinged and/or used, noted diverse better especially surcharge values, also noted 1941 sable in changed…
Estimate: 200 – 400 EUR