6 lots
Lot 51059
Belgian Congo
1907-59, Group of 23 Covers/stationery all addressed to Switzerland, censored covers from both wars, 1 doubly censored through Gold Coast
Estimate: 120 – 150 EUR
Lot 51060
Belgian Congo
1940 Registered air letter with N°176 and N°201 tied by very rare POSTES MILITAIRES / BUREAU N°4 cds and addressed to Leopoldville. corresponding registration…
Estimate: 120 EUR
Lot 51061
Belgian Congo
1942 Airmail cover from the tiny town of AKETI and addressed to South Africa, franked 10F50 (N° 254 & 260) plus 1F air (PA8), all tied AKETI 6/8 42 cds,…
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 51062
Belgian Congo
1943 Fieldpost cover from Belgian troops stationed in Nigeria and bearing censor marking CENSURE MILITAIRE / TROUPES COLONIALES BELGES in violet, scarce,…
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 51063
Belgian Congo
1924-60, Small never hinged stock of Belgian Congo and Ruanda Urundi in sheets, noted Mask 10F in sheet of 50, also Palm Tree issue and Ruanda Urundi “Vloors”…
Estimate: 200 – 400 EUR
Lot 51064
Belgian Congo » Lado Enclave
1901 (12.10) En provenance de Kéro: Entier postal égyptien à 3 millièmes avec timbre soudanais à 3 millièmes annulé losange de points de Khartoum, cachet…
Estimate: 600 EUR