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1897-1919 An extensive and valuable collection

1897-1919 COLONIES: An extensive and valuable collection of mostly mint or unused sets, including some used, with strength in Offices in China showing Mi. 11-14 all with certificates, Offices in Morocco with Mi.19II, Offices in Turkey also with the rare set Mi. I to VI, of which apparently on 20 Mi.VI were issued, New Guinea with Mi. 5a 25pfg showing inverted overprint, only 100 issued, New Britain Mi. 1-12 some with certificates and many with only a small number issued, a very rare set, East Africa, South West Africa, Cameroon, Caroline Islands Mi. 10a used on fragment and Mi. 20 both with certificates, Kiautschou Mi. 2 mint and used, Mi. 9 mint with certificate, Mi. 32 mint nh, Mariana Islands Mi. 1I used, 2I used, 5I mint, 5IIK mint with certificate, Marshall Islands Mi. 1I mint signed, GRI Mi. 10-13, Samoa Mi. 10I and 10II mint, Mi. 11-13 used, Togo Mi. 8 used, Mi. 10-11 mint etc., a wonderful collection and an excellent basis for study and expansion, a important foundation and full of rare stamps many signed or with certificate, generally in above average condition (STC Mi. €300’000+)
Estimate 60’000 – 80’000 EUR
Auction date Thu 6 Dec 2018 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 85000

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