December 2018 Auction Series – 3/12/2018 – 7/12/2018

4 lots
Lot 51032
Austria » Austria Collections and Lots
1864-1920ca, AUSTRIA USED IN LIECHTENSTEIN: Collection on leaves from pre-stamp covers, later franked covers with Austrian issues or on fragment or loose,…
Estimate: 1’500 – 2’500 EUR
Lot 51502
1912-1916 Duke John II Selection of complete sets on chalky & ordinary paper + 25H ultramarine, all hinged, hinge remainders or MNH, also diverse used…
Estimate: 600 EUR
Lot 51521
1886-1953ca., Accumulation of covers, and some stamps with postage due essays and a few varieties + a few forerunners, covers include maxicards, 1st issue…
Estimate: 500 – 800 EUR
Lot 51525
1912-92, Mint & used collection in 9 stockbooks, earlies include good airs with Zeppelins, better sets and singles form the 1920s and 30s including high…
Estimate: 500 – 800 EUR