December 2018 Auction Series – 3/12/2018 – 7/12/2018

18 lots
Lot 53000
1868 Stampless entire from Buenos Aires to Batia, Brazil, with scarce triangular “F/19” accountancy hs, cover faults at lower right
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 53001
1877 Envelope to Genova/Italy franked by 1876-78 8c carmine tied by BUENOS-AIRES / POSTALI ITALIANI straightline and Buenos Aires cds, disinfected and…
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 53002
1877 Envelope from Chivilcoy (Province of Buenos Aires) franked by 1867-75 4c brown pair and carried by French ship (PQ FR J N°3, January 10th, 1877) and…
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 53003
1920 Gen de Urquiza 5c Gray-blue with watermark LARGE SUN instead of multiple sun in block of four, bottom right example showing variety PEPUBLICA, an…
Estimate: 800 EUR
Lot 53004
1923 “Timbres Postales Impresos en la Casa de la Moneda” official booklet containing 92 imperforate proofs in issued colours of the following issues: 1908-09…
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 53005
1930 “March of the Victorious Insurgents” special leatherbound booklet with legend “Timbres Postales Emitidos Conmemorando la Revolucion del 6 de Septiembre…
Estimate: 1’000 EUR
Lot 53006
Argentina » Buenos Aires » Steamship issue (P1-27)
1858-59, Attractive small specialised collection on the steamship issues, neatly mounted on six exhibition pages, comprising six first issue 1p brown used…
Estimate: 3’000 – 4’000 EUR
Lot 53007
Argentina » Buenos Aires » Liberty Head (P28-51)
1859-62, Neat “Cabecitas” selection on stockpages, comprising 19 1859 4p green singles. 66 1p blue mint and used singles plus one used on cover, then a…
Estimate: 1’500 – 2’400 EUR
Lot 53008
Argentina » Cordoba
1858 Arms of Cordoba 5c, eleven mint or unused examples sorted by type on stockcard, one example touched o/w all with clear to good margins, a fine and…
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 53009
Argentina » Cordoba
1858 Arms of Cordoba 5c in complete sheet of 30 with gum, mostly never hinged, plus 5c single, type 15, unused and 10c black single, type 16, with part…
Estimate: 2’000 EUR
Lot 53010
Argentina » Corrientes
1856-80, Attractive Corrientes collection in one album, all items neatly and knowledgeably written up on 25 pages, better items noted incl. first issue…
Estimate: 2’000 – 3’000 EUR
Lot 53011
Argentina » Corrientes
1856-80, Collection of Corrientes in one stockbook, comprising three and 1/4 sheets of the last 3c blue issue, three first issue UN REAL covers of which…
Estimate: 1’000 – 1’500 EUR
Lot 53012
Argentina » Tierra del Fuego
1891 Julio Popper private mail 12C carmine-red in block of 6 and 25 mint nh (Mi.€1’860 for hinged)
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 53013
Argentina » Collections, Lots etc.
1813-1980, Lot of 100s of covers in two stockbooks plus some on stockpages, noted some pre-philatelics with postmarks from MENDOZA(2), JUJUY and CORDOBA,…
Estimate: 700 – 1’000 EUR
Lot 53014
Argentina » Collections, Lots etc.
1858-2015, Most extensive and specialised mint and used collection of Argentina housed in 26 stockbooks, ranging from the Confederation issues to the modern…
Estimate: 12’000 – 20’000 EUR
Lot 53015
Argentina » Collections, Lots etc.
1862-68, Small selection on a stockpage with 1867-68 5c proof(?) and mint pair with double perf. between (thin)
Estimate: 100 – 150 EUR
Lot 53016
Argentina » Collections, Lots etc.
1863-1905, Collection of 263 imperforate and perforated proofs neatly mounted in large album, from the early Rivadavia issues until 1895 San Martin issue,…
Estimate: 1’200 – 2’000 EUR
Lot 53017
Argentina » Collections, Lots etc.
1880-2000, Large quantities of stamps and covers in three boxes,including 10’000s of mostly General San Martin but also other definitives in neat bundles…
Estimate: 800 – 1’200 EUR