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1827 (Jun 19) Folded letter from Archangel to Scot

1827 (Jun 19) Folded letter from Archangel to Scotland, taken through the Barents Sea, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea to Peterhead with two-line “SHIP LETTER / PETERHEAD” black hs (Robertson/Tabeart type S.1a), charged “1 / 6 1/2” for 8d ship letter, 10d from Peterhead to Inverness and Scottish Additional 1/2d “wheel tax”, extremely rare and believed to be the only recorded example Illustrated in “A History of the Ship Letters of the British Isles” Addendum (1960), p.E.226/A, by Alan Robertson, who adds “This…letter helps to bridge the long interim period of 100 years between the dates of S.1 and S.2…”
Estimate 2’000 EUR
Auction date Sat 3 Dec 2016 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 1’500