November 2016 Auction Series (EUR) – 28/11/2016 – 3/12/2016

8 lots
Lot 30109
1840 Entire from Santa Martha to London with red “CARTHAGENA” fleuron handstamp on the obverse (crossed by a file fold), with Jamaica transit bs, a little…
Estimate: 260 EUR
Lot 30110
1858 (Jun 21) Entire from St Marta to the USA via 2 forwarding agents in Colon and Aspenwall with their cachets on the obverse, fine and attractive
Estimate: 150 EUR
Lot 30111
Extremely Important First Issue Three Colour Franking 1859 (Sep 26) Complete folded letter (in English) from an English merchant in Bogota to his…
Estimate: 30’000 EUR
Lot 30112
1879 Cover to Paris with 10c brown + 25c blue Postage Due, black “T”, British Panama 20.09.70 cds, rated “16”, arrival Paris 13.01.70 bs, very fine, rare
Estimate: 1’600 EUR
Lot 30113
1882 (Mar 28) Envelope to the USA with 1881 Arms 10c (touched frameline at top) tied by blue “BOGOTA” oval cancel, with despatch, Barranquilla transit…
Estimate: 80 EUR
Lot 30114
1919 (Jan 18) First flight from Barranquilla to Puerto Colombia with 2c tied by despatch, arrival and target cancels, filing fold away from the stamp,…
Estimate: 600 EUR
Lot 30115
1935 3rd National Olympic Games mint nh set, very fine (Scott $1’350)
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 30116
1950 (Dec 18) SCADTA, Registered cover to Switzerland bearing 1950 50c rose lake (2), 15c blue (2) and 10c scarlet with “A” overprint for “AVIANCA”, plus…
Estimate: 120 EUR