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Egypt » Egypt British Military Post
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Price realised
9’500 CHF
4’000 – 7’000 CHF
Auction date
Thu 23 Apr 2015 at 14:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1932-41, Specialised collection of the British Forces Postal Seals and Army Post stamps, incl. with Postal Seals incl. 1932 1pi imperf. block of four, variety of cancellations on covers incl. Seals tied by crown hs, purple and red rhettas, etc., various numbers in crown circles incl. rare 7, complete booklet pane of 1933 Letter Seal, varieties, 1932 Xmas Seal tête-bêche essay block, complete booklet of both 3m Xmas Seal printings, 1935 “Jubilee” in block of four on cover, etc.; Army Post with postal notice about the issue of these stamps, first day usages, variety of cancels and censor hs incl. red Cairo cds tying 10m to cover, etc., a very fine collection (75 cover + stamps) (Est. € 4’000/7’000)