3 lots
Lot 2013
Olympics » 1928 St. Moritz
1928 St. Moritz. “Das Weisse Stadion” book, 227x317mm, 12 pages, brown paperback cover, with some scenic pictures of St. Moritz and text about the Games,…
Estimate: 60 EUR
Lot 2014
1928 St. Moritz. White linen handkerchief, 256x265mm with a peach embroidered border and text with “IX. OLYMPIADE 1928 / ST.MORITZ – AMSTERDAM” surrounding…
Estimate: 40 EUR
Lot 2015
1928 St Moritz. Cotton handkerchief, 245x260mm, white with pink edging, pink Games legend for St. Moritz and Amsterdam with coloured Olympic rings sewn…
Estimate: 30 EUR