16 lots
Lot 1001
1933 (June) Zeppelin 2nd South America Flight, reg’d cover with 4.10Fr total franking (10 stamps) tied at Vlone (June 1), three different Italian transit…
Estimate: 360 EUR
Lot 1002
1929 Zeppelin Austria Flight, ppc (of the LZ127 in flight) with 10g tied at Wien on 2.V.29, two strikes alongside of the “on board” cds for the same day…
Estimate: 180 EUR
Lot 1005
1933 (Oct.) Zeppelin Chicago Flight, reg’d round trip ppc with 10.10S total franking (10g on back) tied at Vienna (Oct. 10), flown via Berlin (connecting…
Estimate: 320 EUR
Lot 1006
1930 Graf Zeppelin issue, 5 diff. with inverted overprints, various signatures, very fine (Scott $675)
Estimate: 220 EUR
Lot 1007
1930 (May) Zeppelin South America Flight, two covers carried by special connecting flights from La Paz on May 14 & May 18 respectively, connecting at Rio…
Estimate: 240 EUR
Lot 1008
1930 (May 17) “Rs.5$ooo” and “Rs.10$ooo” surcharges (Scott 4CL4-5), each tied by Condor Syndicate cds (May 24) to cover flown by air to Pernambuco (Recife)…
Estimate: 360 EUR
Lot 1009
1930 “Graf / Zeppelin / Rs. 5$ooo Surcharge tied together with regular 300r value to ppc to Germany by Rio 24 MAI 30 Condor Syndicate cds, flown from there…
Estimate: 600 EUR
Lot 1018
1931 (April) Zeppelin Egypt Flight, two ppcs, one to Beirut with 50m Surcharge tied at Alexandria and flown to & from PALESTINE, other (shows LZ127 in…
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 1024
Germany » German Empire
1909 International Air Expo (“ILA”) at Frankfurt, excellent lot incl. Official Postal Cards 1 (x2 used, one with ILA special cds), 2 (used), 4 (the spectacular…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 1025
Germany » German Empire
1909 “ILA” Prospectus and application forme (in French) with extensive info on the goals and practices of the expo, 8 pages, plus unused return envelope,…
Estimate: 60 EUR
Lot 1027
Germany » German Empire
1928-38 Graf Zeppelin (LZ127 & LZ130) Flights, meaty lot of 20 covers and cards with better frankings (incl. 2RM South America ovpt), 9 show “on board”…
Estimate: 1’000 – 1’400 EUR
Lot 1029
Germany » German Empire
1930 (June) Zeppelin South America Return Flight ppc (of Count Zeppelin) dropped at Seville, with 2RM flight ovpt tied by “on Board” cds of 4.6.1930, bs…
Estimate: 220 EUR
Lot 1030
Germany » German Empire
1930 (Sept. 5-6) Zeppelin Leipzig & Görlitz Flight, return flight ppc from Görlitz (RED cds) to F’hafen, and pc from Leipzig carried by train to F’hafen…
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 1035
Germany » Danzig
1932 (July 31) Zeppelin “Luposta” Flight to & from Danzig, two cards: ppc to Danzig with 25pf Luposta and 75pf Arms tied by Luposta cds (July 25), with…
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 1038
1926 3d “Patakonia” pane of 3 + blank label, nh, very fine, signed (Hellas A2a, € 150)
Estimate: 60 EUR
Lot 1049
1923 (1 Oct.) Official Air Mail, Hinaidi (Baghdad) to Shaibah by Royal Air Force, oval cachet of that date and signed by pilots Pritchard (?) and Harrison,…
Estimate: 1’000 EUR