6 lots
Lot 1109
1929 (August) Zeppelin 1st North America Flight, “Bundesfeier” colour ppc with imprinted 25c Airmail plus add’l franking (2.90Fr total) tied at Romanshorn…
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 1110
1929 (May) abortive Zeppelin 1st America Flight, forced landing at Cuers (May 17), reg’d cover with 1.35Fr total franking tied at Oberhofen on May 21 and…
Estimate: 240 EUR
Lot 1111
1932 (July 31) Zeppelin “Luposta” Flight to & from Danzig, cover with 2Fr total (front & back) flown via F’hafen (30.7.32 transit) with Danzig bs (31.7.32),…
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 1112
1931 (October) Zeppelin 3rd South America Flight, SAMPLES ENVELOPE (permitted for the first time on this flight) with 1.25Fr total franking incl. 20c tete-beche…
Estimate: 220 EUR
Lot 1113
1931 (August) Zeppelin 1st South America Flight, MIXED FRANKING with Germany 2RM Polar-Fahrt issue, Swiss 20rp postal card with 20rp add’l franking sent…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 1114
1933 (May) Zeppelin Italy Flight, Rome-F’hafen cover franked by 1.80Fr incl. two airmails tied at Zürich (May 26), Rome pictorial bs (May 29) plus F’hafen…
Estimate: 260 EUR