6 lots
Lot 1080
Colonies Francaise » Monaco
1932 (Oct.) Zeppelin 8th South America Flight, attractive cover with 10.05Fr total franking incl. block of four 2Fr all tied by 2.10.32 cds, F’hafen transit…
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 1081
Colonies Francaise » Monaco
1933 (June) Zeppelin 2nd South America Flight, reg’d ppc with 10.85Fr total franking tied by Monaco-Ville cds (29 – 5 / 33) and sent via Marseille (bs)…
Estimate: 320 EUR
Lot 1082
Colonies Francaise » Maroc
1933 (June) Zeppelin 2nd South America Flight reg’d pc with 11.80Fr total (three stamps) tied at Casablanca (May 31), caught the Graf Zeppelin at Barcelona…
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 1100
Colonies Francaise » Sénégal
1933 (Sept.) Zeppelin 6th South America Flight, extremely rare reg’d despatch from Senegal with 9 stamps as franking (2 on back, 6 diff, total 13.50Fr)…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR
Lot 1101
Colonies Francaise » Côtes des Somalis
1933 (May) Zeppelin 1st South America Flight, the first Somali Coast mail by Zeppelin, cover with 2Fr Pictorial and 10Fr Surcharge tied by April 4 cds,…
Estimate: 1’100 EUR
Lot 1129
Colonies Francaise » Tunis
1933 (June) Zeppelin 2nd South America Flight, reg’d pc with special label and 10.80Fr total franking incl. 10Fr value, all tied at Tunis on May 29, sent…
Estimate: 400 EUR