4 lots
Lot 1002
1929 Zeppelin Austria Flight, ppc (of the LZ127 in flight) with 10g tied at Wien on 2.V.29, two strikes alongside of the “on board” cds for the same day…
Estimate: 180 EUR
Lot 1003
1930 (May) Zeppelin South America Flight, ppc with 3S and 50g Birds tied at Wien Flugpost office (8.V.30), official and private 3-line cachets and label…
Estimate: 160 EUR
Lot 1004
1931 (29 August) Zeppelin 1st South America Flight, pc with 3.50S franking tied at Wien (27.VIII.31 cds), flown first to Berlin and with Berlin-F’hafen…
Estimate: 140 EUR
Lot 1005
1933 (Oct.) Zeppelin Chicago Flight, reg’d round trip ppc with 10.10S total franking (10g on back) tied at Vienna (Oct. 10), flown via Berlin (connecting…
Estimate: 320 EUR