6 lots
Lot 7044
Germany » German Empire » German Empire, 1880/89 Pfennig
Germany to Ireland, 3 items with 1880 10pfg postal card from Berlin to Wicklow; 1881 cover from Ettlingen to Dublin; and 1883 10pfg postal card, Bad-Kissingen…
Estimate: 40 EUR
Lot 7091
Italian States » Naples
1858 1gr Pale Red, plate I, rare used block of four with two boxed cancels, well margined and very fine showpiece signed Vaccari & E. Diena (cert. 1979)…
Estimate: 2’600 EUR
Lot 7098
Italian States » Naples
1861 20gr Orange Yellow, mint block of 4 with top right stamp showing embossed head shifted strongly downward, full o.g. and quite fresh, top left stamp…
Estimate: 150 EUR
Lot 7138
1863 15c Blue, type I lithographed issue, proof block of four printed on both sides, cert. Raybaudi (2006) pronouncing it “in ottimo stato di conservazione.”
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 7145
1976 150L Violet, IMPERF marginal block of four (Sass. Spec. 690/IEa; not listed in the regular catalogue), superb and rare variety, cert. Terrachini
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 7148
Parcel stamps: 1884-86 10c Olive, attractive used block of four cancelled at Rome in 1889, couple of toned spots, fine (Sass. € 2’000)
Estimate: 200 EUR