4 lots
Lot 6117
1838 Cover to Dublin bearing red PAID AT ARMAGH and boxed ds PAID DE 5M 1838 below, fine
Estimate: 50 EUR
Lot 6118
INCOMING: 1858 Cover from New Brunswick to Newtownards, Ireland, “paid 7 1/2” (single Packet rate) with red ST. GEORGE N.B. cds overstruck by Liverpool…
Estimate: 30 EUR
Lot 6119
1883 Envelope from Roscommon, Ireland, sent to the British Embassy in Paris, probably an attempt to evade postage in view of addressee, 2 1/2d GPU rate…
Estimate: 50 EUR
Lot 6120
1926 (Sep 11) Envelope from Bray to Bombay at 2d Empire rate, franked with 1922 2d Green, redirected from Port Said, saturated with markings recto and…
Estimate: 40 EUR