4 lots
Lot 6036
1859 (Feb 20) Cover sent locally with 1857-59 1d Blue, four margins, cancelled by light grid, COLOMBO POST PAID cds in red, portion of envelope missing…
Estimate: 150 EUR
Lot 6037
1864 (Jul) Cover to Ireland with 1857-59 10d Vermilion, tight to ample margins, tied to July 1864 cover from Trincomalee to Dublin, grid cancel and ms…
Estimate: 800 EUR
Lot 6038
1872 48c Rose, three examples tied by “35” ovals on cover from Haldamulla (PAID cds) to Castlebar, IRELAND (OC 15 bs), rare high 144c franking (triple…
Estimate: 80 EUR
Lot 6039
1879 Colombo to Dublin, Ireland, franked by 24c prepaying uniform British 6d rate (24c), missing portion of backflap otherwise fine
Estimate: 50 EUR