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PORT ARTHUR: 1912 Savings Bank book issued by Russ

PORT ARTHUR: 1912 Savings Bank book issued by Russian P.O. in Port Arthur December 1903 to Russian priest, Father Anton Angelov, Saving Bank stamps to the value of the sum deposited are affixed and cancelled by Port Arthur datestamp Type 2B in violet Note: Cash withdrawals were made at a time of war fever, heightened by the Japanese attack on the Fleet and town in February 1904 when many citizens fled. The siege of Port Arthur (May 1904-January 1905) saw great loss of life from enemy action and disease
旅大︰1912年俄國旅大郵政局發行的銀行儲摺。1903年由俄國教士,Antan Angelov提存,貼上相等存票,銷旅大2B型紫印。 註:於1904年2月,日軍侵佔此地,引致大量現金提取,於1904年5月至1905年1 月因敵方入侵引玫大死亡及疾病。
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