December 2013 Auction Series – 13/12/2013

27 lots
Lot 10016
Russia » Russia Post in China – Manchuria
PORT ARTHUR: 1889 1R with “PORT-ARTHUR / 1 / RAILWAY POSTAL BRANCH” 12 VII 1902 cds, stamp with faults incl. a hole at the left side, still the ONLY EXAMPLE…
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 10077
Russia » Russia Post in China – Manchuria
MANCHULI: 1907 Picture postcard franked 1k + 3k tied Manchuli ‘g’ 9 12 07 cds, this card is the original record of this elusive Manchuli postmark – see…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 10079
Russia » Russia Post in China – Manchuria
MANCHULI: 1910 Picture postcard to St. Machzhuriya (Manchuli), posted on the Chinese Eastern Railway TPO with 3k tied by “HARBIN-262-MANCHZHURIYA ‘zh'”…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 10096
Russia » Russia Post in China – Manchuria
POST OFFICES IN MANCHURIA: 1905-21 Collection on 15 exhibition sheets of stamps, often in multiples or on fragments (+ 1 postcard), with postmarks from…
Estimate: 1’500 EUR
Lot 10179
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1911 Picture postcard depicting famous Russian writers and poets, sent to the Head Telegraphist at Harbin Railway Station with 3k Arms tied by “STATION…
Estimate: 1’200 EUR
Lot 10181
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1911 3k Stationery card uprated 1k to pay 4k foreign rate to Germany posted on VLADIVOSTOK-264-HARBIN TPO (train ‘e’) 28 5 11, also 1914 3k + 7k War charity…
Estimate: 150 EUR
Lot 10192
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1912 Christmas card from Vladivostok to ST.SHWANCHENPU, a small station south of Harbin on Line 265/266 postmarked on arrival STATION SHWANCHENPU/CHINESE…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 10203
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1913 7k Romanov stationery envelope to NIKOLSK-USSURIISKII cancelled on CER TPO HARBIN-263-VLADIVOSTOK ‘z’ 12 12 13, arrival cancel the following day,…
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 10209
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1914 Advice of Receipt form from Harbin to Hailar franked with 7k Arms tied by Harbin cds, with “STATION HAILAR / CHINESE EASTERN RAILWAY / b” 24.3.14…
Estimate: 300 EUR
Lot 10260
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
1921 Cover from Station Yaomyng (100 miles south of Harbin on Line 265/266), franked on the reverse with 1917 20c on 20k and 35c on 35k tied by Yaomyng…
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 10265
Russia » Russia Post in China – Chinese Eastern Railway
Balance collection of CHINESE EASTERN RAILWAY on 19 exhibition leaves, mainly loose stamps, multiples or fragments with emphasis on station cancels, noted…
Estimate: 1’000 EUR
Lot 20003
THE OUTSTANDING JOHN WILKINS EXHIBIT COLLECTION 1871-2006, Ambitious and astounding exhibit collection on some 550 pages in four file boxes, plus extra…
Estimate: 28’000 – 32’000 EUR
Lot 20005
THE BALANCE OF THE “BURSHTEIN” COLLECTION 1849-51 Attractive array of Epaulettes & Médaillons issues showing strength in used & covers including 1849…
Estimate: 20’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20006
COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION REPLETE WITH PROOFS AND RARE STAMPS 1849-1942, Comprehensive collection crammed in to two large albums, incl. mint, used, covers,…
Estimate: 40’000 – 50’000 EUR
Lot 20008
Bosnia and Herzegovina
THE BALANCE OF THE “ALBA” COLLECTION 1854-1918, Balance collection with the majority consisting of the 1879-1900 issue, starting with two covers of…
Estimate: 15’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20021
Extensive Collection of the Stamps & Postal History of the Republic of Cuba from 1896-1993 This remarkable assembly is the result of 30 years of collecting…
Estimate: 400’000 EUR
Lot 20025
Rarities of the World
DENMARK The Unique 1851 2RBS Used Block of Four 1851 2RBS deep blue, the extraordinary used block of four of deep rich colour, Thiele printing (typographed…
Estimate: 24’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20056
L’Histoire de l’Aviation Française La collection qui a servi pour le catalogue Silombra 1867-194,0 La fascinante histoire de l’aviation française…
Estimate: 60’000 – 80’000 EUR
Lot 20077
THE EXTENSIVE “PRAFUL LAKHANI” COLLECTION IN THREE VOLUMES 1852-1990s, Collection of mint, used, some covers and FDCs in 3 volumes, with Scinde Dawks…
Estimate: 30’000 – 40’000 EUR
Lot 20083
Indian States » Cochin
RARE PERFORATION VARIETY 1948-50 Maharaja Kerala Varma III 2p grey-brown lower marginal block of six with lower two pairs IMPERFORATE BETWEEN, also…
Estimate: 5’000 EUR
Lot 20088
Italian States » Tuscany
UNIQUE ERROR: 4 CRAZIE LION OF TUSCANY WITH INVERTED VALUE TABLET Background & Introduction The Tuscany 4 Crazie with inverted value tablet is exactly…
Estimate: 150’000 – 200’000 EUR
Lot 20089
IMPORTANT EXHIBIT COLLECTION OF THE EARLIEST ISSUES 1852-1880, Exhibit collection superbly presented & written up in English on 128 album pages (8 frames),…
Estimate: 20’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20095
LIFETIME SPECIALISED COLLECTION Wonderful lifetime’s work of a collector on several hundred album pages with detailed descriptions, housed in 15 well…
Estimate: 8’000 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 20096
THE BALANCE OF THE ‘PERCY BARGHOLTZ” COLLECTION 1849-96, Attractive specialized assembly of stamps & postal history with strength in used multiples…
Estimate: 15’000 – 20’000 EUR
Lot 20097
PDF Scan: 116368-1.pdf PDF Scan: 116368-2.pdf PDF Scan: 116368-3.pdf PDF Scan: 116368.pdf The Embossed Issues of King Luis with Curved and Straight…
Estimate: 300’000 EUR
Lot 20101
THE PALACE COLLECTION: LOCAL ISSUES UNDER KING CHULALONGKOM This very rare collection of the most elusive Palace stamps was collected many decades ago…
Estimate: 30’000 – 40’000 EUR
Lot 20102
PDF Scan: 123461.pdf PDF Scan: 123461-1.pdf 1862-64, Balance of the important collection of the Toughra Issue includes essay, singles unused & used,…
Estimate: 150’000 – 160’000 EUR