December 2013 Auction Series – 13/12/2013

17 lots
Lot 20002
Collections and Lots All World
KING GEORGE VI MINT COLLECTION OF BRITISH EMPIRE 1936-52, Mint collection of KGVI from Aden to Zanzibar with a very good deal of completion with the…
Estimate: 8’000 – 12’000 EUR
Lot 20003
THE OUTSTANDING JOHN WILKINS EXHIBIT COLLECTION 1871-2006, Ambitious and astounding exhibit collection on some 550 pages in four file boxes, plus extra…
Estimate: 28’000 – 32’000 EUR
Lot 20006
COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION REPLETE WITH PROOFS AND RARE STAMPS 1849-1942, Comprehensive collection crammed in to two large albums, incl. mint, used, covers,…
Estimate: 40’000 – 50’000 EUR
Lot 20008
Bosnia and Herzegovina
THE BALANCE OF THE “ALBA” COLLECTION 1854-1918, Balance collection with the majority consisting of the 1879-1900 issue, starting with two covers of…
Estimate: 15’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20021
Extensive Collection of the Stamps & Postal History of the Republic of Cuba from 1896-1993 This remarkable assembly is the result of 30 years of collecting…
Estimate: 400’000 EUR
Lot 20033
SUPERB MARGINAL EXAMPLE OF THE 1F DEEP VERMILION 1F Deep Vermilion with sheet margins at right and with otherwise good to large margins, mint og, very…
Estimate: 0 EUR
Lot 20034
SPECTACULAIRE VARIÉTÉ “À LA BARBCHE” 1F vermillon foncé présentant très visiblement la variété “barbiche” sous le menton, neuf avec légère charnière,…
Estimate: 60’000 EUR
Lot 20035
EXTREMELY RARE BLOCK OF THE ONE FRANC “EMPIRE” 1853-60 Imperforate Empire issue, 1F Carmine in mint block of four, very fresh and with excellent margins,…
Estimate: 25’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20046
RARE SHADE IN BLOCK OF FOUR 1870 Bordeaux 2c die I, rare brown-red shade in mint left marginal block of four, very fine and very rare as such 1870…
Estimate: 7’000 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 20056
L’Histoire de l’Aviation Française La collection qui a servi pour le catalogue Silombra 1867-194,0 La fascinante histoire de l’aviation française…
Estimate: 60’000 – 80’000 EUR
Lot 20077
THE EXTENSIVE “PRAFUL LAKHANI” COLLECTION IN THREE VOLUMES 1852-1990s, Collection of mint, used, some covers and FDCs in 3 volumes, with Scinde Dawks…
Estimate: 30’000 – 40’000 EUR
Lot 20089
IMPORTANT EXHIBIT COLLECTION OF THE EARLIEST ISSUES 1852-1880, Exhibit collection superbly presented & written up in English on 128 album pages (8 frames),…
Estimate: 20’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 20095
LIFETIME SPECIALISED COLLECTION Wonderful lifetime’s work of a collector on several hundred album pages with detailed descriptions, housed in 15 well…
Estimate: 8’000 – 10’000 EUR
Lot 20096
THE BALANCE OF THE ‘PERCY BARGHOLTZ” COLLECTION 1849-96, Attractive specialized assembly of stamps & postal history with strength in used multiples…
Estimate: 15’000 – 20’000 EUR
Lot 20097
PDF Scan: 116368-1.pdf PDF Scan: 116368-2.pdf PDF Scan: 116368-3.pdf PDF Scan: 116368.pdf The Embossed Issues of King Luis with Curved and Straight…
Estimate: 300’000 EUR
Lot 20098
THE UNIQUE “ROOSEVELT” BLOCK WITH INVERTED OVERPRINT 1935 Moscow to San Francisco flight by Levaneskiy, 1R on 10K mint bottom sheet marginal block…
Estimate: 1’500’000 – 2’000’000 EUR
Lot 20102
PDF Scan: 123461.pdf PDF Scan: 123461-1.pdf 1862-64, Balance of the important collection of the Toughra Issue includes essay, singles unused & used,…
Estimate: 150’000 – 160’000 EUR