13 lots
Lot 4006
BOLIVIA – Collection of 5c Condor Complete Sheets 5c Green (shades), six different complete sheets of 72 from different states of the plate and showing…
Estimate: 1’800 EUR
Lot 4023
1900 5c on 30c rose carmine, mint three blocks of four showing inverted, double, double one inverted, fresh, very fine & scarce
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 4025
Costa Rica
1863 1/2r blue, two complete mint sheets of 100 from plate I & II, some positional flaws & plate cracks on pos. 1 of the plate I, some parts of the margin…
Estimate: 80 EUR
Lot 4029
1865-72 1/2r blue on blued paper, mint block of eight, plus single on regular paper, very fine
Estimate: 500 EUR
Lot 4030
1865-72 1/2r blue on blued paper, mint block of 18, fine & a scarce multiple
Estimate: 700 EUR
Lot 4031
1865-72 1/2r blue on blued paper, mint block of 24, one stamp defective, fine & a scarce multiple
Estimate: 900 EUR
Lot 4039
1881 Liberty Head imperf. 2c First Issue, reconstructed pane of 50 with numerous multiples including blocks of 15, 10 & 6 (x2), top quality, ex Bustamante
Estimate: 750 EUR
Lot 4042
1904 2c to 50c, five values, mint/unused showing CENTRE INVERTED errors, some minor faults
Estimate: 150 EUR
Lot 4057
1868 100c Brown, thin figures, on brown paper, strong “21 68” and Chihuahua ovpts, large part original gum, outstanding centering for these issues, a very…
Estimate: 360 EUR
Lot 4058
1868 100c Thick Numerals, variety “no period after value” (one of the 10 transfer types), ovpt. “7 71” and “Monterey” (sic), original gum, very fine (Scott…
Estimate: 60 EUR
Lot 4067
1875-1932, OFFICIAL MAIL: Specialised group of 43 covers/cards, mostly used, showing a fascinating range of various frankings or just bearing an official…
Estimate: 1’500 – 3’000 EUR
Lot 4078
1858-1980, Strong mint & used collection in an album incl. 1858 1/2p Buff used (APES cert.), 1881 50c Green used (PF cert.), 1899 10s Blue Green, 1921…
Estimate: 1’500 – 2’000 EUR
Lot 4080
1906-07 10c violet & black & 2c red & black, mint pairs left stamps showing INSCRIPTION MISSING, unusual & scarce
Estimate: 180 EUR