Lot 10265
Russia » Russia Imperial 1889-92 Twelfth Issue Arms (St. 57-65)
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Price realised
9’000 EUR
3’000 – 5’000 EUR
Auction date
Wed 19 Sep 2012 at 09:00 (Europe/Zurich)
1k to 7R Arms, selection incl. imperf. specimens of the 1k, 3k, 5k, 14k and 35k, perf. specimen of the 7k, 2k mint og imperf., 2k with foreground only half printed, 2k bisect on piece, several 7k printing flaws such as background partially printed, offset of background and foreground partially printed, 7k forgeries (6), 7k bisects (2), 7k imperf. (ex Fabergé), 7k background inverted on piece, 3R50k mint nh block of four, etc., incl. blocks of four, shades, cancels, varieties, mixed condition, an interesting & specialised assembly for the connoisseur & includes many rare or seldom seen items, an excellent basis for study and expansion (Est. € 3’000/5’000)
Catalogue reference: 57-65